Thursday, August 3, 2017

Utilizing time

I love having time for myself.
But sometimes I wish I know how to utilize it more.
I miss writing in here.
I really do.
But sometimes you are just too lazy to turn on your laptop like you used to. lol

Now I remember why I got my blog updated before during my studies, it was because I have a lot of time spent on something that I should filling it with studying and learning coding. heh

If I do really studying hard and smart before, I bet I won't be here today. I bet I would be better at achieving goals. Apparently that is not the case now. lol

My boss asked to see me yesterday. I thought I'm gonna get bad news but alhamdulillah it was something that I have been waiting for the past few months. I do wondered once in a while, who has been praying for me as obviously kadang rasa macam ya Allah besarnya kekuasaan mu I didnt even do all the things you want but you still let me have it. It must be my mom whos been praying for me. It must be her. I miss you, mom.

It's already 20 past 12. I should get going. Night!

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