Wednesday, May 4, 2016


the video below really makes me cry.

because, for months i've been asking Allah what is the point of doing or choosing what i want now if ends up things will not be just like what i want. 

the climax feeling was a week before i watched this video. I was crying from work while driving. 
I am asking for an answer. 
what is the point of choosing what i want now,seeding hope high as a mountain,  but i can't expect the same result later and it may be getting a pain again?

the moment i watched this video, it was like an arrow hit right to the target into my heart, head and soul. 
these is actually the answer. and HE sent it to me gracefully.. explaining bit by bit. :')

I cried so hard.
I even replaying the video at the same spot for many times while wiping my tears. 

you know HE never stop loving you and wants you to keep searching for HIM when HE is giving answer in 
any ways HE can. :')

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