Monday, February 29, 2016


if you ask me, how do i keep my poker face around someone who had hurt me so much but then i have to face that
person everyday ?
and also how we both can be friends like nothing happen before?

i would answer,

because my career is much more important than that person.
the pain will go away.
but my career; that one thing solely belongs to me, will always be there dgn izin Allah.
I choose this way instead of running away.

well, i did choose that once. And i realize that only make me weaker.

 no one know the future. our future.

but, i would like to highlight here,
future is subjective. it can be change.
with usaha, doa, tawakal and also with the fact y kau aware tiap pilihan kau buat ada risiko tersendiri yang kau ikhlas ambil dan lalui.

tidak ada yang terbaik pada setiap masa actually.
apa yang tak baik hari ini utk kau mungkin baik pada 2 3 tahun hadapan.
and apa yang baik hari ini mungkin tidak baik untuk tahun seterusnya.

what makes it a difference is how we accept and interpret it on our own way.
and at the same time, it will test our level of acceptance on everything Allah had plan.

remember that Liyana. remember that always.

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