Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Hello 2016 :)

Tengok archive blog, dah tujuh tahun rupanya aku menulis dalam ni.
If dinilaikan dengan umur, dah masuk darjah satu dah. :)

I don't know why, honestly i've been waiting for 2016.
sebab aku suka nombor 6. haha.
I do have a few favs number.

3, for my birthday date.
6, I just love number 6. I don't know why.
10, birthday date.

and 21. I just like it.

2016 is quite different. I want it to be different. I want to value myself more
and start appreciating on what is around me all these time.

and also, I will be transferred to KL for our new project.
should have been there since 26/12 but the BRS meeting will only start on 18/1.
However they had re adjust the schedule and new date is 11/1.

That means it's my last week on JB .

I don't know to whom i would do the TOT. sebab mmg bos tak hire orang baru ni.
HRMS team just left with kak iza and our boss. also kak yati on off jb-kl.

Kak zai had resigned. but she will continue doing freelance for KPTM project;the one i'm going to handle later in KL.

Kinda gigil weh nak drive ke KL sensorang. nak cari rumah lg. haha

but may Allah ease everything.
i wish everything is well.

Hai H, i miss you.
be safe there.

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