Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Approaching another year.

Living your day by day unknowingly you are getting older ; it hits you sometimes.

I just turns 24 last October.
And  I am counting towards 25.
I always thought people around these age already figuring it out on what they gonna be,
how they gonna be, why they are choosing it and lastly their path collides perfectly with what
they had desired truly before.

I was wrong.
because i am here sitting in front of my laptop still wondering if every decision i made
from the past ;  did I really chose them , or I was afraid to choose the hard way?

to be honest,
I really think I am still in a moving boat with no destination to go and just doing some sight-seeing on
my left and right.

I am still choosing though.
Choosing what is the best for me.
Or is the best for others?

This is what happen when i got too far away from Him.
I think too much.
I should go back.

It's been months i didn't do it.
Gonna try again tonight.

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