Monday, September 28, 2015

Indeed HE is the best listener.

Early this year, 
knowing there was a lot unfinished business i need to settle down, 
and i just don't know how ; i was so miserable. 

I was in the phase of upside down.
I was thinking that i failed in everything i did.

My job,
my studies,
my love life,
all were in disaster. 

i was so much depressed about my job and also how i still did not finish my final year project. Not to forget being left by someone that i thought he might be the one even how much mistake he made i was still believe he might be. 

but i was wrong.
and it feels like everything is breaking into pieces. 

jalan Dia sungguh indah. 
dan aku sendiri tidak tahu bagaimana Liyana yang dahulu menangis tiap malam kerana hati sendiri, 
kini berada di sini.

He sent someone to help me and now in few days I'm gonna finish my degree. I'm gonna walk down on that stage that I thought I would fail doing so. 
He planned my life so well that i can help my mom paying our new family car that I never thought I managed that at my age.
He let me hurt so bad so i would realize there's someone out there that have been waiting for me for years,would never stop praying for me but it's only me never saw him coming.


Indeed He is the best planner.
Indeed He is the best listener.
He hear you.
keep praying. :)

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