Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Love yourself

I've been neglecting myself for so long.
I failed to realize that loving myself, being happy with myself is much more important
rather than accepting how others doesn't approved what and who am i right now.

I sat there.
Doing nothing even I know if I am with them, I, myself, would not like me either.
I'm learning now.
To love myself more.
The definition of loving my own self is being happy for who i am now, for how i look,
for how well enough I handle myself.

The bright things about having your own job right now is, you can plan whatever you want
with your money without feeling guilty.
*evil laugh*

and also responsibility.
but, everyone is going through with it.
So if they can do it, why can't I?

Do things that make you happy. Not making them happy.
I used to be so ignorant when people talking about my weight and the way I faced it was
I closed my ear. Pretending that nothing happen and eat much more and at night I will regret it before going to sleep because I know I was not happy. I should do something.

But I didn't.

Because I believe I will always be fine.

It turns out, I am not.

Learning that you are getting older some of your body part getting easily in pain because of the pressure, tension and weight, is not healty at all.

so yeah, that's my first call.

Be happy for yourself.
As long Allah approves it, do everything you can to be as calm as the blowing wind and
will not regret it before going to sleep at night.

Because you will say,

" I am  glad I did that today. Alhamdulillah . :) "

What I learned also,
don't put your happiness on someone else. Because that show how broken you are.
Hold it. Hold it yourself as it is the most precious fragile thing in this world.
Do things for yourself.
Live for yourself.
Live for HIM.

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