Tuesday, June 30, 2015


low blood pressure.


I don't know i have that until last year. 
However it didn't occur to me how bad it was until now.

My menstruation cycle is getting worse. again. 
And my body seems to be swollen here and there. 

So i went to see the doctor. 

When i told him where was the swollen part, he asked me, 'did you get your period this month? '


'Is it always like that?'

'kind of '

'Do you recall since when?'

'since Matriks. about 4 years already. before that was okay.'

your hormones is unstable. kurang darah. that's why it wont come out. and you always looking pale with 
darck circle under your eyes right?'

'yeah. the dark circle is always there.'

that's how it was. lebih kurang.

so..... i guess jodoh ku dengan makanan  sangat kuat. lulz.

it's time looking for makanan yang menambahkan darah. 

oh i feel so dracula saying that. 

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