Sunday, May 24, 2015

since Day One

for things that happen till today,
i want you to believe that this is what was written in your journey.
you were being selected to undergo this since roh ditiupkan ke jasad sendiri.
that is why this saying exist,

"Allah tidak akan menguji hambanya di luar kemampuan"

because He create this story for you.
He knows you can since Day 1.
He knows.

Every roads taken,
every roads not taken,
Every roses,
every thorns,
every 'I can't do it'
every 'I can do it'
He knows.
He just knows.

Why He do that?
Because you are His greatest creation.
This, in this world, is nothing to compare what he would give at the end.
The ultimate love to those who love Him unconditionally.

He knows you can since Day 1.
Ikhlas terimanya.
Ikhlas hadapinya.
Ikhlas menyayangi-Nya.

Selamat menjadi lebih kuat, Liyana ! :D

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