Sunday, May 17, 2015


be strong.
I know you can.
We are just counting days.
We'll leave from here.
From all the memories.
Close your eyes,
and it will be gone soon.

be kind.
Everyone deserves their own happiness.
Including the one who doesn't loves you back.
Pray, so they'll be happy.
Pray, so you'll be fine.
Pray, so we'll be fine.

love me; yourself. love me wholely.
Because at last, i'm the one gonna hold you till the end.
because i know you can.

be calm.
We've never been through this.
But, we will face it.
even if Eyes never stop crying,
even Eyes hardly to get some sleep,
even Minds keep thinking about him.
Be calm.
That's all you have.

Remember what is your dream last night?
You didn't, remember?
That's how it will disappear.
Time will make it disappear.

have courage.
I love you.
Help me to move on.
Help me to live.
Help me to carry on.

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