Friday, April 17, 2015

Ten years.

It was six o'clock.
I woke up and went ahead straight to the kitchen. I saw my mom there washing our clothes. It's her normal
routine, even it was Sunday, there would be still laundry from before. I had spent my whole day watching
tv, ezpecially until 5 or 6 pm there would be a lot of cartoons and anime.
As the clock approaching 6.05 i was already in the living room again with a broom on my right hand.
i swept the floor while my little brothers and sisters already going outside to play.

My dad came out from the back room, our third room in the house, with his towel arond his waist and
walked towards the tv cabinet. He opened the left door and put some sort of white document that was on his
right hand before.

I finished sweeping the floor around 20 minutes later and went towards the kitchen again to
throw away all the dust and other i-don't-even-know-why-even-it-was-here -on-the-floor-in-the
I saw my dad was cooking something.

"Ape tu yah?"

"Kuah kacang"

Smells like kuah kacang satay. or nasi impit. A silver plastic was placed next to the
pot. Seems like kuah kacang ekspress. Just put into the pot and add some water.

I went to take a shower and my other siblings are waiting for their turn already.
After that, i saw my dad eating his kuah kacang in a bowl but I'm not sure he was eating it with what.
Well that's not even my concern. Tomorrow will be Monday. urghhhh

He went to take a shower and i went to my room. Asar was near. Maghrib gonna finish soon.
I performed my prayer and by the time I finished reciting some doa, i took away my kain telekung,
but still wearing my tudung telekung, i walked toward the door and heard car engine being started.

I stood on the front door of our house..
I opened a little bit more of our sliding door, and saw my dad already in
our red car. I looked at him. He's changing the reverse gear. and started to hit the accelerator slowly.

I watched him slowly getting dissappear from our front porch.

and that's the last time i saw him breathing.

His body arrived at our house around 10 am the next morning.
Already full kafan.
And still I was still in my world. Saying he was still out there.
This is not him.


That was ten years ago. 
Ten years,
I never thought i could come this far. 

I know you know what I wrote dad. 
Thank You for coming by once a while. 

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