Sunday, April 12, 2015


when i reminisced back all the stories, all the things that ever happen,
I do realized something. 
Every path, every way in my destiny had been beautifully written.
Either berubah di tengah jalan atau memang yang dah tertulis sejak azali. 

For the past few years, i learned things. Thing that I never thought would happen to me. 

Things are really complicated right now. 

After I met Pak Long last week really had changed everything.

My hope doesn't happen to be the same again.
My tears flows not because of the same thing again. 
It flows because knowing there would  be no us. Not even a bit. 
Because I already know the ending. 
Because I know it too much. 


Why do you treat me so well? so normal?"

"Because that's the only way stopping me from being sad."

"We both trying to be normal again. We can. But we have to accept the fact that we already know the ending. "

"Yep. Kita kena terima hakikat."

"What are we now?"

"Best friends. "

"Sure. We have no other choices. "

Best friends. Sure.


Wan said...

hi yana...

Wan said...

hi yana...!

Yanano said...

Hai Wan :) lama tak dengar cerita. hehe

Yanano said...
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