Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Blues.

to be frank, there is a lot of unfinished business i need to check.
i'm stuck in between of memories and reality.
i'm stuck in between of not getting what i want and getting what i suppose to have.

the past few weeks was hell.
because i thought i could get a grip, but it's not.
i thought i have the perfect puzzle. turns out, it's not.

life is about a journey.
but sometimes we wish it's about a perfect destination.
too long staying in the comfortable zone gonna gives you a lot of shit later .

I'm no longer suppose to be called as a child.
but i don't want to be call as an adult too.
i refuse to feel the feeling.
the moment of bitter better and hard truth.

but then He sent me someone to calm me down.
there is a silver lining in every cloud.
he's like a brother i never have.
and we get closer only now kinda make me sad because yesterday was his last day.

'start minggu depan ko kena kuat n independent.. aku dh xde.. *** pon dh g Kl..
ak doakn ko okay.. :) '

thanks for listening to my rambling for the past few weeks,Wan.

and you too,Mat :)

***i was writing this while the only person i could reach n listening to my rambling every day was Wan.
he was there. He knows everything because we exchange stories :P

i spill it out to you guys too, emi,nad,wahid :')
if you guys are near, we could talk all day long. but, things weren't like our good old days. hehe

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