Friday, October 17, 2014


I worked today.
Despite my normal shift, is sunday till Thursday,
I still need to come to the office on friday as that's the only day my boss was on the office today for this week.

Too much things to do.
It will always bertambah.
I was supposed to go to the client's office today.
But i still havent finish tally kan data attendance diorg T.T

Went to eat lunch with kak yati and kak iza.
And kak yati ceritakan kisah cinta pertama dia sambil mata berkaca.

It must be hurting so much.
If tears still flowing until today, it must hurt so much.
So much until when you already married and you still remember the pain.

I've met people with the same stories.
Few still have the memory banks and immersed in it.
Few had move on and pray they forgot everything.
Few had known it was only fake feelings and choose the road that less hurt.
Few had left.
Few had cried.

And still,
Few have found theirs.
Few had to have and hold it.
Few had cherished it.

I guess we still hold on tighest to things we can't have because at some level,we know it really isn't ours.

I still don't know which one i was.
Or which one i am.
I guess no one knows.
And i really don't wanna know.

Dah tahu masa depan sendiri tak lah se best yang disangka.
Trust me.
I've been there.

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