Thursday, August 14, 2014

sakit mata.super duper bored.

having eyes infection for this week.
4 hari mc. hari pertama syok la boleh rehat.
the next day, i started to worry kerja kat ofis.
4 hari.
4 hari.

 i'm super duper bored.
bored to death.
nak keluar, tapi ,
i have no life here .

lone ranger gila.
you know how hard it is to live somewhere where no one you knew come from your childhood friends.

kawan sekolah rendah.
kawan sekolah menengah.
kawan matrix.
kawan uni.
tak ada.
semua tak ada.

i think i can get depression if this is going on for years coming.

family is in another box.
i can't mingle that boxes with each other.

colleagues are awesome. they are super duper nice.
but, still how i shall compare with best friends of four years with those only known for, i don;t know ;  six months maybe.

but, maybe.

Allah suruh rehat.
penebus dosa.

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