Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chapter 1 : Unfinished Business

"Jade, are you coming?"

"Yes, I'm coming. Just wait for a secs." She put on a pair of skinny jeans, a baggy white tshirt with a blue stripe on top, put some blushers on and she's ready to go.

She just got back from college for her semester break and Kyle is outside waiting for her to watch a movie this evening. It's been almost a year they didn't see each other since the last fight they had. But it seems wasting too much time for a fight they barely could remember what it's all about was kind of absurd.
So, he texted her and she smiled because she's been crazy to text him but doesn't know how to start it.

"Hey, what movie are we watching?" They both walked out from the front door and Kyle gave her a water bottle. She took it and drank a for a few gulp. He always know i'm always thirsty.

"Well, i don't know. I still haven't buy the ticket."

"Kyle, you know i hate that. don't you remember the last time we went to the movie and we literally have to line up for almost an hour."

"That was because you were so busy playing your Candy Crush and we are supposed to be there an hour early."

"And you supposed to stop me and force me to take a shower."

he laughed. How am i being able to do that Jade when seeing you happy playing those game already made my day even better.

"Stop complaining. You should start growing up already. I can't always be the adult here."

"But you always be my adult. haha"

"That's so funny and i'm gonna tell your mom how misbehave you are towards me." Kyle already drove the car towards the big road and few cars were already in front of him. It was a sunny day and the road seems less pact today as it was not weekend.

"Lucky you if she's there for you to tell her" She look outside the window and Kyle knows he wasn't suppose to say that word.

"Where is she now?"

"I'm not sure. I got her email last week that she'll be coming home tomorrow. IF there is no more work to be done."

"You should reply her email. We could fetch her tomorrow at the airport if she's gonna be there tomorrow."

"Are you sure? Don't you have to work tomorrow?"

"I still have a lot of annual leave that was bring forward from last year. I guess it will be okay just taking a day more." He slip a warm smile for her. I save my annual leave for you. But you will never know about that because you would say i'm crazy doing that for you. 

"Really Kyle?!"

"Urmm yeah. why?"

"Oh my god. You-are-the-best." She slightly jumped a little bit towards him that was driving and gave him a small kiss at his cheek. He reacts normally trying not to show his hidden feeling. "and Kyle, I'm hungry."

"We'll get some food there first. I forgot i'm bringing a small-lady-but-has-an-appetite-of-a-king."

"So funny." She rolled her eyes and a notification arrived on her phone.

"Hey love, where are you?"

"I'm going out with Kyle. We are going out to see a movie. I'll text you back later."

"Kyle? Aren't you guys still fighting?"

"Nope. We are okay now :P"

"Okay. have fun. love you."

"Love you too."

She put back her phone into her left front pocket. Vincent know how close she is with Kyle. They are the duo- the best friend - the partner in crime since she was 10 years old. How Kyle would be there for her in every rooftop-day-out because she's the only child in the family and how her mom only been at home for two days a week. three days top and Kyle would help her by bringing her to her house - which is only 20 steps away because they are neighbors. She always wonder why Kyle was so nice to her and he always answered, "because that what a neighbor would do." Then he would smiled and gave her the chocolate chips cookies his mother always made on weekends.

They arrived at the mall after 30 minutes. He bought her some food and they rushed to the third floor to buy the ticket.

"Transformers. 2 o'clock. Two tickets." He pulled out his wallet from his back pocket and brought out 20 bucks. She waits at the entrance while watching the trailer on the LED tv next to the big standing poster of another movie.

"Kyle, hurry up. It's already 2.05." He fasten his pace towards her.

"Stop eating first. I won't buy another one for you if it's already finish before the movie started. Come on , hurry up."

"Oh come on. I'm not that bad. " She giggles a little and throw a popcorn at him when he was a few step ahead in front her. Not many people watching the movie and there were might be not more than 10 people sitting in front of their seat. The movie still not started yet as the commercial are still running.

They found their seat and suddenly he said, "i'm going to bring you to a place after this."

"Really? Where?"

"Shhhhh. I'm trying to watch a movie here."

"Urghh. I hate you."

"I hate you more." He smiled and started to eat the popcorn that she was holding it.

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