Monday, June 30, 2014

both of you.

we'll never know when we would fall for another person.
no matter how we deny it,
sometimes it just happens.
those big wave storms in your heart are eager to get out,
fills with annoying smells of feeling that should be beautiful but in denial either it was true
or not.
to spill it out.

it start with a simple smile,
a simple gesture of care,
a small talk about what your favorites are and it suddenly you both shares the same favorites.
It's 3 am and you are still talking to each other.
Both of you talks about the most undisclosed story in your life even though you had only been that close not more than a week.
You exchange the  role of the listener and the story teller to each other. and that seems so right.
Like everything had fall into places.
maybe because you never had this kind of conversation.
it's like both of you are in your own world.
it's like both of you are in the same wavelength.
You answers before that person questions it. vice versa.
Both of you finish each other sentences in a perfect rhythms.
in a perfect way.
Both of you shares the same thoughts,
the same amount of hatred to what you both hate.
the same amount of passion to what you both love.
the same amount of desire to what you both still yearning to achieve.

a stupid jokes that no one gets but when both of you say it, it make sense.
you both laugh and no matter how silly the jokes sound, you know you have found a keeper.
a misshapen of what would something random will become something awesome
and you'll never know about it in the first place.

but apparently, you know that person is untouchable.
because that would be absurd.
because that piece of mind thinking of owning that person is overrated.
far-fetched from reality.
because that would be outrageous to those who won't understand.
it is preposterous.
because every person who is outside from both of your world would say it is ridiculous.
Because you can't own someone who already taken.

you don't wanna messed it up.
so you'd been really careful thinking what would happen next.

"So what's the plan now?
Are we or won't we?
So what's the deal now?
Should we or shouldn't we?"

too many plot you are trying to escape because you know how absurd all those imagination you had created.

the unforeseen ending.
that's what make it so special.
because unbeknownst to each other,
both of you had bubble wrap each other heart,
since the first time you had that conversation.
and you both realized the other person are writing the same pieces of mind.
just like yours.

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