Sunday, March 9, 2014

MH370 : The Tragic News

that was the first thing i saw on tv about the flight MH370.
it was heartbreaking.
berderau darah.

i don't know why. 
even bukan family or friends but still we do feel impact. 
because it was more than 30 years we havent experience anything like that before .
the latest one was last year. that small airplane.

and incident Tg Kupang. 
itupun tak lahir lg weh .

i was eager to know the news.
but nothing. 
the press kept showing the same information over and over again .

so, i decided to check on forum by forum. 
3 forum :

forum cari -

but reddit are much more interesting to read for me.

a lot of speculation. 
but it cant be disclose yet.


coordination of lost contact in google maps:

Emergency rescue message to all vessels near by to assist on all aircraft.

i give my condolences to all of their family and friends :(

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