Friday, December 27, 2013

it's a goodbye.

It's a goodbye today.
My six months is finished.
i'm supposed to be happy. but i am sad.
but not because i didn't get what i want,
but it's just they are so nice to me,
good enough to talk to me, accept me in their circle,
put me on the same table as they are,
laughed with me,
gossiping with me,
let me walks around when i am bored,
teach me how to interact with people around,
teach me how to do this or that,
accept my flaws, (or maybe not and they keep it low, hehe :) )

this is my first time experiencing the new environment with a lot of stories and plot.
this is life.
to say hye.
and also goodbyes.

yes, i am sad.


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