Wednesday, December 11, 2013


kau tahu bila rasa tertipu?
tertipu dengan selama ini punya kisah?
buta dengan semua yang diberi?

i was always thought it was the other way around. 
i beg asking for forgiveness thinking this how it should be.
but it is not. 
how stupid i am.

why i never ask about it before?
why yana. 
why am i being so gullible. 

everything is frozen. 
i dont know what to do. 
it was obvious until today. 
why i cant see it before. 


~emi~ said...

Nape ni Yana? Ada prob ke? Baca tajuk, aku ingat kau nak review movie Frozen tadi. Huhu

Yanano said...

hihi. frozen tak tgk lagi :(

i dont know.
is it because of the mood swing(pms)
memang patut rasa macam ni :'(