Tuesday, September 17, 2013

8 years memories.

he came back.
wished me selamat hari raya.
hoping i am fine here.
saying tergerak nak emel sekarang.
asking me how's life now.
and saying he's on the way to Barcelona Spain.
as i recalled, no , i never got postcard from Spain. will u give it again?
like what u did while u were in amsterdam, antwerp,chile, japan, afrika, and else.
and u will wrote the history of the countries you had visited for me.
will there be another keychain?
or handwrite letters?
yes i do remember.
but, it will be awkward now.

asking how's my other siblings now.
are they doing well as usual.
asking do i have any problem now.
and willing to help.
why you need to be so flair as usual.
like asking for hope.
why you never asked how i feel for the past 8 years. at least 3 years ago.
that's when you decided to leave.

well,i am in love now with someone else now.
let just faith decide it all.

happy belated birthday.


NisaMardhiah said...

i do remember those keychain that u got hehe

Yanano said...

well, i suppose to keep it on my own. but my childish head made me want to tell everyone. haha

Yanano said...
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