Friday, August 23, 2013

motherboard laptop rosak. and the Tips.

final year laptop rosak.
nampak sgt tak berapa nak pandai jaga laptop.
org lain pakai 4 5 tahun ok je. wuwuwu T.T
kite ni baru 3 tahun.


sedih lagi.

sedih lagi.

oklah. kena fikir solution.
disebabkan praktikal pun kena pakai laptop,
meetings pun perlu laptop,
training pun perlu,
berdoa sahaja ada rezeki lebih.
bajet pun tak tinggi. rm1500 ke bawah. yes. tu je.
sbb byk benda kena fikir. kena beli.
i do believe byk laptop out there will fullfill my specs and have affordable price.
hope duit PT tak delay.
i really2 need to use it.

so, buat research kat internet which one is better,
and jump on this statement :


These ASUS are great for what your looking for. ASUS has the best warranty when it comes to laptops. Some of their models come with a two year warranty with a one year accidental warranty. Keep in mind 17" laptops are not meant to be carried around in backpacks or laptop bags.…
Core i7 3630QM(2.40GHz) 15.6" 8GB Memory 1TB HDD 5400rpm DVD±R/RWNVIDIA GeForce GT 635M 1 Year Accidental Damage/30-Day Zero Bright Dot…
Core i7 4700HQ(2.40GHz) 17.3" 12GB Memory 1TB HDD 5400rpm DVD±R/RW NVIDIA Dedicated 2GB GTX 765M 1920 x 1080 1 Year Accidental Damage/30-Day Zero Bright Dot…
Core i7 4700HQ(2.40GHz) 17.3" 16GB Memory 256GB SSD 1TB HDD 5400rpm DVD±R/RW NVIDIA Dedicated 3GB GTX 770M 1920 x 1080 1 Year Accidental Damage/30-Day Zero Bright Dot

Brand buying advice

You get what you pay for. Systems with high end parts with low prices are to be viewed with suspicion. They have to cut corners somewhere to get the price down. What cost you less today is going to cost you more tomorrow.

Apple makes a good quality laptop. The problem comes when it requires service or minor upgrades. It is near impossible to do anything with them. They even glue the battery and hard drive down so you can not change it. They solder the ram to the logic board so you can not increase it. They lock up most of the software so your stuck with what they approve.

Lenovo has serious stand behind their product problems. They bought IBM PC division and proceeded to drive the quality of the system into the ground. Their customer service is well below par. They even makes Dell customer service look good. The last and final thing to remember about them is they are a Chinese Government own company. It is up to you if you want to trust them.

Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony should be avoided because of their heavy modification of Windows and the drivers. If you remove some of the bloat they install, you can cripple the system.

Acer, Gateway, and eMachines should be avoided period. Low end system that are driving the race to the bottom.

Dell once made a good system and fell from grace. They are now struggling to regain their place in the market. Customer service is one of many problems with this company.

Alienware are glorified Dells and are more name then product. Priced extremely high for what you get. They do perform but you can get the same for less by looking around, just not packaged to be eye candy to the gamers.

Samsung has a history of using cheap parts in critical areas. Capacitors has been one area Samsung has a known history of going cheap, causing units to fail early. For that reason I would avoid them.

ASUS and HP do not modify Windows as bad as the other manufacturers. They have excellent build quality. They might add a lot of bloat but they also makes it easy to get rid of it.

Ultrabooks are the higher end of Wintel laptops but they have some of the same concerns as Apple. They make it next to impossible to change any hardware in them. Service of them will have to be done by the manufacturers. With most of them, you can not change your own battery or hard drive. They are designed to catch your eye but they are not any more special then other laptops except for the fact that they are slim or thin. Your paying for it being thin and slim. For the money your going to spend on it you can buy a much better laptop with more power.

Hybrids are the worse of the worse. The flip or detachable touch screens are just a disaster waiting to happen.

Never buy an All In One. They are far worst then laptops of any kind to service and they have a higher failure rate. 

Choose wisely.


TWB 35+ years of experience in the service industry. You name it, I have probably fixed it. I did not design it, I did not build it, I did not break it, but I am the one who can fix it. What that means is that I have spent a life time taking these things apart and seeing how they are made. I have seen every dirty trick used by low end manufactueres to bait people into thinking they are getting a good deal. 

The difficult we do right away, the impossible just takes a little longer.

I hear voices, so please be quite so I can listen to them.

this source was written 2 months ago. i believed we still can use it for the next plus-minus 6 months.
bukan selamanya ye.
because technology world is changing rapidly nowadays.
ada je yang kena upgrade,change, and newly created.

so, i have narrowed my research,
this is the final four.
jumpa kat forum.

Dell Inspiron 15, i3-2117U + Intel HD4000@RM1299[2.25kg], Win8SL, 2GB, 500GB(5400rpm)
Dell Inspiron 14-3421, i5-3337U + Nvidia GT625M@RM1699[1.99kg], W8, 4GB, 500GB(5400rpm), 6-cell
Lenovo G480, i5-3230M + Intel HD4000@RM1499, 2GB, 500GB (5400rpm), FreeDOS
Lenovo Ideapad G580, i5-3210M + Nvidia GT630M@RM1699, 2GB, 500GB, freeDOS, 1 yr warranty.

but hey, the spec is quite good.

i7 will only run out the battery faster. so maybe i should stick to affordable thing.

if u have any ideas, feels free to drop one. thank you :)


~emi~ said...

Laptop. Itu maslah pertama aku bila datang intern. Huhuuu. Aku pun terfikir nak beli lappy baru. Tapi duet takdewww. haha. btw gudluck yana.

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