Thursday, July 4, 2013

suspicious activity

so, for the past few days, i can't sign in into my google account. the account that i have for this blog.
nak sign in dari phone lagi lah tak boleh kan. asyik kata disabled je. cacat ke?

it was a havoc in my head.

why now? why? why? have i done something unexpectedly? did i violate the terms and condition??
gila apa sampai boleh disabled. ;'(

so , harini bukak la lappy , contact 'google customer services'.

follow instruction and state what's my problem.
and within 5 minutes an email came to  my alternate email.
stating i need to verify my account through phone. i can choose their verification number through SMS or VOICE CALL.

rasa macam tak thrill la kan pilih SMS, so i chose the other one.

tak sampai seminit, dapat satu call, terpampang 'Voice Call'. *dalam hati mengharapkan perkataan 'GOOGLE Call' hihi

kalau laju camtu, sure system y call kann.
but sumpah laju gila.
sangat sangat cekap .

so the system said my verification number, and i typed it into the box.

klik sana klik sini then setelll.
but i do get this thing here ->

and i was like, 
how the hell is this thing happen?

after lama berfikir, this is what i thought.

1. i've been using the same password for different log in and account. any account.
2. i still didn't change my password for the past six month.

selama ni i know it is tremendously dangerous. but i never applied it sebab rasa siapa y nak buat camni kan. i am not an important person.
but hey, i realised, sebab tak important la seronok orang buat target nak berlatih jadi hacker.
sometimes it's not the hacker, sometimes it's just their software y boleh collect all our private data.

so lepas ni, kena tukar semua password. urghh.

result exam boleh buat menangis. redha.pasrah. over confident. that's it.

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