Tuesday, July 30, 2013

let's take a peek :D

it has been busy lately.
i have received a lot of assignments from various co-worker.
when i told my mom about it,
she thought i was being bullied by them.
need to explained why it isn't.
they would asked first if i was busy, if not, baru la diorang bagi.
but sometimes there are certain task y tertangguh for reasons. when i need to start it over again, by that time, i was doing another tasks.
there were no bullies mom. don't worry :)

so, here it is. the office. kadang-kadang rasa macam dalam movie pun ade. sebab dlm movie-drama je nampak tempat macam ni. hihi

In the morning :) semua orang tak sampai lagi. i am the first person that day. exited terlebih mungkin.

in this row, exactly next to the window.that's my place.. :)

i do think i have the most strategic place.
1. when someone is coming towards my desk, i will notice it shortly.*cepat2 berlakon buat kerja. haha
2. i can go online for hours and no one knows. mwahahaha *except the network dept maybe -,-
3. i only need to be aware of people coming from left side. 
3. i have my own "Room of Requirement". :D

however, everyday i will get annoyed by the sound of the barking dog from the next building.
really guys? dogs in the building? are you breeding them or what?
i love dogs. they are cute.
but, hearing them barking for hours while i need to do my tasks is like hell sometimes.
it only stops when it's tired or had been fed maybe.

 and lastly, i would never know that one day gantt chart will be the most significant thing ever on my desk.
and how much i need to use excel even though i never truly understand it before. banyak rupanya function dia. maybe i should join Microsoft Excel Class for Beginner. (-,-')

kak yati dah start membebel. takut dengar.


~emi~ said...

Haha comelnye mak kau ingat anak dy yg dah doplodua tahun ni kena buli. Mcm anta anak pegi tadika, balik rumah tanya ada orang buli tak. Hihi

Suhaira Abu Bakar said...

cantiknya opis awok..

The Writer said...

emi > haha. tula. kau tak nampak muka dia masa dia bagi kenyataan tu. mcm ni-apehal-sume-org-bg-anak-aku-kerja-ni. haha

su > sbb tu aku kata mcm dlm drama-movie. opis PHI tak mcm ni pun. haha

gadis said...

saya pun boleh online juga kat ofis. takde sape nak marah tapi bila da online nie banyak pulak keje yang tertangguh. waaaa.. malasnya nak buat keje. hihi. btw, cantik ofis :)