Tuesday, July 30, 2013

let's take a peek :D

it has been busy lately.
i have received a lot of assignments from various co-worker.
when i told my mom about it,
she thought i was being bullied by them.
need to explained why it isn't.
they would asked first if i was busy, if not, baru la diorang bagi.
but sometimes there are certain task y tertangguh for reasons. when i need to start it over again, by that time, i was doing another tasks.
there were no bullies mom. don't worry :)

so, here it is. the office. kadang-kadang rasa macam dalam movie pun ade. sebab dlm movie-drama je nampak tempat macam ni. hihi

In the morning :) semua orang tak sampai lagi. i am the first person that day. exited terlebih mungkin.

in this row, exactly next to the window.that's my place.. :)

i do think i have the most strategic place.
1. when someone is coming towards my desk, i will notice it shortly.*cepat2 berlakon buat kerja. haha
2. i can go online for hours and no one knows. mwahahaha *except the network dept maybe -,-
3. i only need to be aware of people coming from left side. 
3. i have my own "Room of Requirement". :D

however, everyday i will get annoyed by the sound of the barking dog from the next building.
really guys? dogs in the building? are you breeding them or what?
i love dogs. they are cute.
but, hearing them barking for hours while i need to do my tasks is like hell sometimes.
it only stops when it's tired or had been fed maybe.

 and lastly, i would never know that one day gantt chart will be the most significant thing ever on my desk.
and how much i need to use excel even though i never truly understand it before. banyak rupanya function dia. maybe i should join Microsoft Excel Class for Beginner. (-,-')

kak yati dah start membebel. takut dengar.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


kadang-kadang, hati ni kita tak boleh jangka.
kadang-kadang dia okay, kadang-kadang tak.
banyak benda yang kita rasa kita tahu tapi sebenarnya Allah lebih tahu.
kadang-kadang kita rasa pening sangat nak buat keputusan.
pening sangat nak menunggu keputusan.
pening sangat nak memilih keputusan.
sebab kita lupa.
kadang-kadang perjalanan takdir, perjalanan hidup dah tertulis dari alam roh kita lagi.
alam roh y diciptaNya.
Dia yang Ada.senantiasa Ada.
kita lupa kita boleh berdoa kepada Dia.
kita lupa doa juga boleh mengubah takdir.
merubah perjalanan.

kadang-kadang jiwa kita tidak pernah bergerak.
statik kerana pernah tercalar.
kita juga lupa.
calar itu mengajar supaya lebih mengingati Dia.
cuma kita kadang-kadang buta.
atau sengaja buta.
mengatakan banyak lagi perkara lain perlu diberi deria.
jiwa yang tidak pernah bergerak boleh berubah.
dengan bantuan Dia.
sebab kadang-kadang kita lupa pencipta jiwa siapa dia.

sebab kadang-kadang kita lupa.
yang memberi perasaan juga Dia.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

internship day.

i had started my internship yesterday :)
my place or my desk adalah y paling kanan skali dlm pejabat tu. y paling di corner bilik lah senang. haha.

next to me is a web designer,Azmi. he's from sarawak but staying here.

next to azmi is kak fiza. she's an internship student too but she will be staying here only until end of August. :(

my supervisor is a system analyst,kak yati.. since kat sini hanya ada 2 org system analyst so dia sgt busy. harini dia outstation dahh.

i do hope everything will went well here..

all of them seems very busy. tadi bos panggil pasal satu projek ni,masing masing ucap gudluck pada y kena panggil tu. haiii mcm present psm plak tgk. @,@.

i have to arrive here before 8.30. but kul 7.30 aku dah sampai tahu? sbb kena hantar iwan n ayong pergi sekolah skali.

so rasanya boleh dah start study apa y patut. kbai.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

suspicious activity

so, for the past few days, i can't sign in into my google account. the account that i have for this blog.
nak sign in dari phone lagi lah tak boleh kan. asyik kata disabled je. cacat ke?

it was a havoc in my head.

why now? why? why? have i done something unexpectedly? did i violate the terms and condition??
gila apa sampai boleh disabled. ;'(

so , harini bukak la lappy , contact 'google customer services'.

follow instruction and state what's my problem.
and within 5 minutes an email came to  my alternate email.
stating i need to verify my account through phone. i can choose their verification number through SMS or VOICE CALL.

rasa macam tak thrill la kan pilih SMS, so i chose the other one.

tak sampai seminit, dapat satu call, terpampang 'Voice Call'. *dalam hati mengharapkan perkataan 'GOOGLE Call' hihi

kalau laju camtu, sure system y call kann.
but sumpah laju gila.
sangat sangat cekap .

so the system said my verification number, and i typed it into the box.

klik sana klik sini then setelll.
but i do get this thing here ->

and i was like, 
how the hell is this thing happen?

after lama berfikir, this is what i thought.

1. i've been using the same password for different log in and account. any account.
2. i still didn't change my password for the past six month.

selama ni i know it is tremendously dangerous. but i never applied it sebab rasa siapa y nak buat camni kan. i am not an important person.
but hey, i realised, sebab tak important la seronok orang buat target nak berlatih jadi hacker.
sometimes it's not the hacker, sometimes it's just their software y boleh collect all our private data.

so lepas ni, kena tukar semua password. urghh.

result exam boleh buat menangis. redha.pasrah. over confident. that's it.