Saturday, May 18, 2013

i'm okay.

yesterday, i was devastated. knowing some things would be tremendous sad. and backfired.
i learned few things would never be the same when people really wouldn't want you to be in their circle anymore.

even after some time, moments we had together i know it wasn't fake.
but, it's okay.
after a long thoughts, i know why maybe this was the best way.
it's true.
obviously we are not in the same league.
Allah knows more :)
at the end, i just believe, we all are in the same boats, but different cabin.

enough with the heavy. :)

i was surfing the web there and there, reading there and there, looking there and there.
i realize,
different people have different kind of satisfaction.
and sometimes the way they show their satisfaction is one of the way to get validation from people.
and it's exaggerating.

some people wants everyone to know who they are.
some people don't want to be seen, only y rapat je kenal.

some people loves followers.
some people not.

some people loves to go out and proud to be known.
well, some people don't.

some people loves their pics being seen.
some people think it's a privacy thing.

some people loves to share stories.(i mean everything)
some people hate to hear stories.

these enormous reasons, do i one of them?


i used to live in a place where everyone know who i am. (well, not everyone.i'm just exaggerating.)
well, the place i used to live is quite a small town.
so, basically, the world is only there.
you go that place, they know you.
you go here, they also know you.
you go there, there also got people who know you.
i'm not really good when talking to new people.
sometimes i just standing or sit there being a mannequin.

then , something happen.
go to a new place.
i don't want people to know who i am.
i just don't.
because privacy is priceless nowadays.
letting only a few that you trust entering your privacy world is special.
that is what i want to do to people i want to know.
by giving them speciality.

lgpun, i do have weakness.
tak pandai mengampu. tak berapa nak ramah. muka kerek.
sebab tu tak ramai kawan kot. lol. haha

i love taking pictures.
but, after some experiences i had gone through few years back,
for me it is the best not to show pictures randomly.
especially the pictures of your loved ones.
family,friends,girlfriend,boyfriends, the one who close to you.
it's quite risky.
i dont know how to say this, but, we should be careful.
well, we don't want to let strangers(who is maybe some dangerous people) know who is our family,grandpa,grandma, relatives, ain't right?

am i a maniac?
i dont know.
again, privacy.
it is okay kalau berpada-pada.
bak kata orang, just bersederhana.
jangan la sampai orang dah lupa macam mana muka kita kan. haha

one more thing,
we never know what people would pray for us when they see our picture.
kata2 orang lain pun doa.
especially jenis mulut cik kiah. :P

i love a little privacy,
and i'm okay.


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