Sunday, April 28, 2013

Iron Man 3

i had watched the iron man 3.
it was superb in many different ways :')
the previous two of iron man is more about heart-pounding-action-yeay.
but this one is more personal.

if you said it was not the best, u r right because it was being done simply for not being the best.
 it's for the resolution.
the closure that might be an answer to everyone waiting what would the end might be.
and it's more about his miserable life.

many people might not get it but this is the way the movie suppose to be.
for me la.
because after this there would be high chance there will be no more iron man.
Robert Downey Jr. has said he would want to stop playing it after he become 50.
he's 48 now.
 isk isk isk :'(

and pepper pots is sooo hot in that movie .

lastly i love the act that tony stark did.
self-exploded his suits to show his full commitment to Pepper pots and want to change his life more.

Tony Stark said so himself Ironman was a cocoon. at the end of the movie it seemed as he decided that he doesn't need to be in the suit. he will always be IronMan.

my guess is there will be no more iron man 4 but he will be there in avengers 2. :)

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