Monday, January 7, 2013


in a few hours, i'm having my first paper. woke up from 3 am till now.
tidur dulu, sebab too mengantuk and letih. heuheuheu
java programming.
then, tomorrow, OSHA.

with these also,

Web Programming              11/1
Multimedia Authoring          17/1 pagi
Human Computer Interface 17/1 petang

and sambung 3P on 20/1-8/2

andddddddddd, i ain't got hostel.
okayyyyyy.dah dapat rumah.
tapi tapi tapi tapi

tak sanggup nak cakap.
sungguh ironik kejadiannya. BHAHAHA

to you,love.
i am still in your wonderland.
thank you for coming yesterday.
despite sunday is your off day-rest day-baring day-basuh kereta day-basuh baju day-prep day
thank you for coming here entertaining me :')
thank you for listening my rambling, mumbling, talking and lame jokes -,-
but, hey,
your wonderland is still alive.
it just i'm logged out for a moment for these papers that i don't like to answer it.
 hoping there would be a magical pen that knows to answer correctly.
and then,
continue logging in.

ahhhhh, when would this awaiting would end its miserableness.

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