Sunday, January 13, 2013

the untold history and horror story.

recently while i was browsing internet i found two interesting blog.

horror story "click here"

Untold History. "click here"
something about johor untold history. its quite exaggerating you know. knowing something from the past that were quite big and secret. i bet johorean people might love this blog :)

and for those horror stories link, i think i got it from my younger sis.
the first time i read it, i don't have those chilly feelings yet.

but as i continuing my reading from where i stop, it start to bugging me. i don't even dare to look at any pictures that creeps me out. well, i hope you enjoy it too ! :D

oh, i'm studying for my papers this thursday. 2 papers. pagi petang. but its to bored studying continously without browsing ntahpapa kat internet.

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