Saturday, December 22, 2012


i am bored.
i will be going home after this. because it is too bored here.

so, while i am questioning why there is nothing to do today, i reminisced my life. i read all my post.
and it start 2 years ago.

it hit me.
i miss them.
i miss those souls that always made me laugh.
that were always there to help me did my homework.
my reports.
my maths.
my equations.
i miss how mature they are in their on way to think a thing in their own perspective.
how cool they are accepting me for what i am.
for what i did.
for what i said.
how i cherished them to be so brilliant, naive, kind, loving, big-hearted and never told anyone our flaws.
how i wished to meet them again.
being 18 again.
being matrics student again.
how we were looking for our ways to be teenagers.
and at the same time trying to enjoy things to the fullest.
 no matter how much skeleton in the closet, we accept.
we hear.
we keep.
we let it be.

it is undeniable how my life in matrics was one of the best moment i ever had.
Allah give me something that were so beautiful and i rarely realizing it.
it is sad how we can only be together only for a year. it's not even a year.
i miss you guys :')

no matter where you all know, i miss you . may Allah bless you all. :')
insyaAllah, one fine day, i will find you all. even it is just to ask, "how are you?".

infoTech, architect, chemist, intern_business kot, i dont remember :'(, tech_teacher,  engineer.

university life without you guys is quite dull. i admit it :'(

but, life is just being life. that's how it works.
and i met friends, best friends that are so extraordinary.
they are people who will be there for me.
accepting me for who i am.
just like what you guys did.

i am the pelupa one. 
i remember how one of you will remind me about my things that are everywhere being left by me.
here, i got them also. HAHA.

I miss you guys. 

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