Monday, November 5, 2012

cuti mid sem

cuti mid sem dah habes.
but i'm still here. at my house.


well, i suppose to go back to bp yesterday, but my heart says no. i dont know why. teehee

i spent my holiday with no vacation, fest, or whatsoever, but i appreciate it.
it is a family vacation. at home :)

a weird thing happen.
i start to feel so bored until i want to go back do assignments.


so, since i was already 21 a month ago, my perspective to me, to my life, to world, has change.
i start to think seriously. is it too late? i hope not.

i hope the time is still there.

masih lagi dalam misery .
bila mahu ke kedai tersebut.

tadi kat twitter sue kata bp hujan selebat lebatnye. macam mana aku nak balik. :'(
macam mana nak lintas jalan TT_TT

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