Wednesday, September 19, 2012

it had been years.

sometimes people won't understand why things can't go back as usual. as than before. as it has been too long. months. years of questions. years of alone. years of tears. years of no one came to help us.

but, strangers did.

yes, strangers.

and where the hell are all of you when we are craving for help.
for some understanding.
for some companion.
for some shoulders to cry on.

we would have died. but, no. thanks to Allah. 
but you,
just left us.
 thinking we might be okay. 
only at the age of starting to learn to live.
just left us.
 only with a woman fighting to be strong for the sake of her children.

we are okay now.
maybe. we'll try.

then, you all called.
asked us try to go back there.
like nothing happen.

it's not like we don't want to.
we had been left for so many years.
no one came.
no one really want to hear us.
only seeing us smiling u assume we are happy.

who are you to judge us like that?

it had been years.
and only just now you asked us.
to come back.
without hearing us.

yes, u all do has a family.

and one day i hope u all would understand the feeling of being left.
with a woman.
with two boys.
with two girls.
struggling to live without a known soul.

life is always unfair.
i know.


~emi~ said...

Yanaaa :')
Why tetiba aku rasa nak nangis baca entry kau yang ni.

liyana nabilah said...

hehe :)
sometimes there are things not meant to be spoken. but it's better to be heard. :)