Saturday, April 28, 2012


i want to write a lot of things. i mean, a lot.

about the things i went to tg piai, how it turn out, about i went to "mhs interview 12/13", about how bad i want to get out now from this bored-to-death-home, about how you feel forever-alone when you had long-distance relationship, about how i made my day to avoid missing him all the time, about how i wanna go back home so much, sbb mak call haritu ckp, "kau tak balik ke minggu ni, mak nak pergi domino. hikhik :D", *sedih tak boleh balik and about how many assignment and project came walaupun kami tak mintak, tapi ia tetap tak berhenti dtg, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.........................

oh.pasal tajuk. sebab lepas ni nk g tgk. bhahahahaha.

kbai. salam avengers untuk semua. majulah sukan untuk negara.


MaT_MaTuN said...

ap kaitan setiap gambo tu dgn post ni??huhu

liyana nabilah said...