Wednesday, March 28, 2012


i know this sem is quite busy, but no matter how, i still have time to read novels. i wonder how? andddd why? *sbb malas study. bhahaha.
okay, ngaku sem ni malas sikit. moreover, voucher rm200 tu ade y buat bli novels, rugi la kalau tak bace kan.

and yes, gagah lg ni,konon rajin menaip lg, sebab esok test OS. =,='

so, back to the fires, i bought 3 books earlier, 1 malay, 2 english.

have u ever heard, 'THe GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO'  ?

yeah, itu y aku beli. sebab katenye top in the list. but, well, the story is okayla. maybe sbb aku pon tak paham sgt cite die. or paham, tapi penat nak translate carik kamus kalau ada words y tak paham. *kamus aku sentiasa ada sebelah katil taw kalau baca buku novels.
i like that girl character better. she's unique with only 4 '11 height if i'm not mistaken.



i love this book. the author was quite well known. it is a shame i didnt knew him earlier. Only Time Will Tell is a story about a boy. the story is revolved around his life. JEFFREY ARCHER, the author, was a great storyteller i'd ever read. i cant let go of his masterpiece once i had grab it. this book is his legacy after decades of writing. the story of HARRY CLIFTON, the boy in this book will be continued in another 4 books. so, it is named as 'THE CLIFTON CHRONICLES'. 

i'm waiting for the second book, 'THE SIN OF THE FATHER' that expected to be release this month. well, i'm not sure when it will come to Malaysia. hope it very soon. ^^


then, after knowing the pleasure of reading his book, i searched his novel in my university library.
well, i'm attracted to these two books. :)


and my weekends are not bored to death again .

so, babai. need to study for tomorrow test.wish me luck!! :)
 pray together kayyyhhhh *nada exited :P

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