Tuesday, February 28, 2012

about my previous post, i had no wills to elaborate it more. it just something to talk about before and then, doomed- i lost interest on it. i realized what a person i am. i get bored easily. i mean, really easy. it is exceptional on what i love though. it only impact on several things. or things i like. maybe.

i had start my second sem for my sophomore year, alhamdulillah :)
about the result, i'm just satisfied. but eningkat lah jugak. thanks to you , Allah. :)i need to do more his sem. hadnt start any lab yet but class were already giving me-us assignment and it'e really giving me the hint that this sem would be harder but manageable. or doable. call it anything you like but if you noticed, the longer you are being drag in into certain things, or in my case- course, the easier you would feel for it. because you already adapted to it and no matter how longer it would take, or haw hard it would take, your brain interpret it as something usual and ain't critical action should be done regarding the matter. you will just follow the flow and will try harder each steps in order to make it become usual rather than unusual. that's life.

i'm not saying that i'm totally-freakin'ly capable to handle this sem, it just i'm okay with it. happy with it. and yakin with it. insyaAllah.  wish me luck. :)

who said 4 flat is impossible is a total moroon. it's up to you. not anyone else.

p/s.:. i miss you robert pattinson. yeah. you.

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