Thursday, June 16, 2011

the hesitate.

i hate it when we be like this. this is not the right things for us.
but, yes,
as usual,
i'll follow your flow.
not mine.

as the rains getting heavier thou the heart getting fear,
it's you i'm going to bear.

i'm not asking much,
i'm not asking more,
just give what you think you would give.
at the end, i realize,
we are differs from another.
maybe you are right.
maybe you are wrong too.

someone i love tell me that,
"cuba berpegang pada satu benda sahaja. habiskan dan sempurnakan dahulu. macam juga belajar. tak payah nk ubah2 course atau tempat. begitu juga lelaki.kawan pada satu lelaki sahaja. semuanya sama je."

*the one who's giving me this advice was elderly. so usually "kawan" means "special kawan"

well, aku tak brape paham part "semuanya same je." maksudkan lelaki la tu. *haha 

so stick to one person if you knows he's good he's perfect. for me.
i'm trying to do that.trying to hold him only.

well if i assume you and study in a drawing, study would be a huge big black circle in the middle, and you are another bold line circle around it.

the middle means have more priority than circle around it.

i'll just hope i'm not into emotion again. or too emotion in me.

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