Tuesday, May 17, 2011


you know what.
this is my 100th post.
and i ain't any idea what to write about.
*such a lame idea yana. =,='

i finished my exams last wednesday.
but i just got home last saturday and getting back to my new rent house on sunday.
such a busy sem.
i know.

so, starting yesterday, we already starts our short sem.
but my class is today. and today is WESAK DAY.
i really hope i can do something good today.
not only sleep, sleep, cook, and eat.

semalam punye calories intake dah lebih 1500.  it suppose to be 1000 je.
2000 calories smpi gak kot.
hari ni tak bole mkn bebanyak.
*pnuh harapan hari ni kak ida tak masak sedap dan bebanyak. T.T

yes. i'm dieting.
lame dah. tp malas nk buat.haha
sbb hari tu dpn bp mall ade cm ape ntah dari HErbalife then they check my body. nor pon join. :)

that auntie said i had to cut my weight 10kg's more .
because that is my ideal weight.
i can do less. coz my maximum weight is 55.

she said,'if kite berat, lutut y efffect sebab if badan kita naik 1 kilo, tekanan kat lutut tampung berat for 5 kilos/'

but aku tak beli herba life tuh.
bukan sebab mahal.
tapi sebab takut if ada any side effect.
yeah, i know it is safe. it's HB you know. everybody know HB.
but for me,baik ikut jalan selamat.

byk tuu.
kesian lutut =,='

duduk rumah sewa sgt boring.
somebody please save me from here.

bile la McD taman U nak bukak.
arghhhh. makan lagik.

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