Friday, April 1, 2011

move on.

move on.
move on will be the hardest think when you can't let go the past.
i wonder if we never had a past.
do we will be better or just good.

i hate to say this,
 but i miss my old life.
that's all.
i wanna be me again.
the confident, the camouflage , the excitement , the benign ways , and the good things.
well, i don't say now is not a good thing,
it just it would be better if i accept all this first.
i am trying very hard to accept+like+adores this subject.
dear Allah, help me.
i really need Your support, Your bless, Your strengh.

since final is just et the end of this month, i just hope i can cover my pointer for the last sem.
please send someone who knows how to manage this Allah.
or at least., give me the passion, the spirit, to do all this .


i don't know if you read this.
i hope not.
coz i would be like blushing - f.o.r.e.v.e.r - hahaha
thanx for being so concern.
thanx for being such a heart melted.
thanx for feeling exited seeing my mom with those water melon. eventhough u haven't coz she's didn't managed to go home on time since she's out of town.
thanx for being "the mengalah one" for me. sorry.. i always want to win, if not, u have to persuade me.for hours.
thanx for being the matured one.
thnx for spending, your time, money, energy on me even you are tired so much after those classes, bengkel, assignment, test, quizz. 
sorry.,, T_T

i miss my adik -adik.wanna go home.
what a good sister am i right? :)
you are so adorable,yana.   ^_ ^

dad, another two weeks, genap 6 years you left us.
genap 6 years i live independently without you.
syafiq is doing well. he's in MCKK right now.
nili's ok. at least we are living good.
both of them got 8A's for their pmr too :)
isn;t that great? :)
ayong n iwan are adorable.they grown ups.without you.
it;s ok.
coz Allah loves you more.that's why he takes you first.
may Allah always with u dad.

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