Monday, April 18, 2011


i wonder when i can get my hp.

so i can have camera.

and i can snap2 pic like crazy.

pakai laptop pon bole kan.

i know.

but do you know how malas i am nak pakai tudung for a minute only to snap2 pic in front of lappy.


nak snap2 ngan munchkin pon slalu tak dapat.

almost a year pon (*eh lagi 3 bulan. kire jugak la kan? [~~,])

and yes, we still didnt have any pic together.

such a waste taw. T_T

eh, smlm kua g mall.

then i saw someone. with someone.

suddenly feel sad also.

do i need to tell linda? T_T

tell her je la.

that someone with someone tu pakai baju same kunon. ceh.

pandangan terkejut+berapi sket+sad+ah word can explain.

me oso sad taw if my fren sad.

*sreet,sreet.sedut ingus.

nak balik tomorrow. perwira have no water. again. hate you perwira.

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