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it is my pleasure to answer this one dearly (:

Starting time :                              0408 am

Name ;                                        liyana nabilah

Brother(S) :                                  2

Eye Colour :                                black-brown

Shoe Size :                                  7

Hair ;                                          sekarang bercadang ingin rambut pendek.rimas =,=
Piercings :                                  did? yes. do? nope.
What are you wearing right now:   tracksuit and blue shirt. .
Where do you live ;                       currenty i'm in batu pahat.
Favourite number ;                        6
Favourite drink ;                           ice tea 
Favourite Breakfast :                    nasi goreng. telur bistik.*pe ntah name lauk telur tuh.-,-'

HavYou Ever ;

Broken a bone ;                          no
Been in a police car :                   nope.
Fallen for a friend :                      i did. i wonder where is he now~~
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short
 period of time :                         i did.
Swam in the ocean :                 naaaaa. i can't swim
Fallen asleep in school :            always. haha
Broken someone's heart :         yup.
Cried when someone died :       yes.
Sat by the phone all night
 waiting for someone to call :    i did. and i still remember when, 4 years ago.
Save e-mails  :                        err.what kind of question is this? =,=' of course la.
Been cheated on :                  i was.

What ;

Your room like :                     bilikku syurgaku. kan? kan? *bunyik cengkerik.
What is right beside youu ;     my torchlight phone~~!!! wat? igt fon kau ade WIFI aku kesah? =,=
What is the last thing you ate: sesuap kuew tiaw kakak roomate.

Who ;

Who did you last yell at :            MAT!!!!! HAHA

*mat is a girl, kawan-kawan.

FinaQuestion ;

What are you listening to right now :        lagu bleeding in love.

What did you do todayyy :                     siapkan movie poster multimedia. then tak dapat pegi lab sebab bilik  terkunci.cane aku nk mandi tuka baju sume :'( 

Are you the oldest :                             yes. i am. :)

Indoors or outdoors ;                            outdoors. 

Todayy You Did ;

Talk to someone you like :                 talk to my friends
Kiss anyone :                                    yes. *takkan mak kau pon tak penah cium.
Sing :                                                what's you waiting for. colby o'donis & mizz nina
Talk to an ex  ;                                  no. wekk.
Miss Someone :                                answering this tag makes me miss everyone i love right now.
Eat ;                                               berbuka nasi putih + telur bistik + tomyam mat blanje :)

LasPerson Whooo ;

You talked to on the phone :           nazirah. classmate.

Made you cry ;                              mr.robert patz.

You went to the mall with ;             nor. last week.

Who cheered you up ;                   friends :) 

Have You ;

Been to Mexico ;                          no
Been to USA ;                              no

Randommm ;

Have a crush on someone ;           i did. now he had become mr. robert patz.

What Book are you reading right
 now :                                         chicken soup for the soul.

Best feeling in the world :             makes my mom smile proudly and her happy tears.

Future kids name :                      abbad, abdurrahman, gurl? err. tak igt.

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: nope

What under your bed :                 botol air.

Favourite sport(s) ;                    badminton

Favourite place ;                        waterfall, gunung, mall .

Who do you really hate :            i wish i dont have to hate anyone. 

Do you have a job ;                     not yet. insyaallah nanti.

What time is it now ;                 4  lebih da.

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