Tuesday, November 9, 2010

wHen OthErS aRe BEtteR thAn YOU.

do you ever feel envy of others? just because he/she get better education than you?better friends than you.better life than you. better chances than you. pernah tak? tak pernah? tipu. sgt penipu. sebab kau pon manusia macam aku la.

long ago,i used to be like that., always wondering why she got better bicycle than me. great marks in exam and not me. and why my calamity that Allah had befalled were much tough,difficult,harder than others. am i too strong to face all that? am i too bad so i get ballast like that? or maybe that's the way that had been written for me? why others had better life than me? 

day by day,for me learning to live well is hard. those bad memories still gripping my heart. i cant go back. i cant have my old life back even though it is not my fault, why me?

for a long time i blame others.i blamed them. i blamed her. i blamed him. 

then, i just realize,it made no difference. the world still move on. people still live well while others are dying and suffering continously. 

every sun that sets beautifully,i leArn new things. a lot of things. a lot. 

i learn that the calamity that Allah had befalled for me was for my own goodness. it is hard and harder because to train me become much more stronger than others. so i wont be able to do the same mistake again. i'll be more precise and careful in life.coz i have no dad anymore to protect me from any harm. so i can stand alone by my own.

moving one step ahead in my life, i got in a college. phg matriculation college. i know i wont repeat the same mistakes. but again, i'd done one. different one. again. it is hard. alhamdulillah,i can get through it. i let it go. until today i have no regret. i dont know why i did'nt feel sad.
 thanks to HIM, HE sheer u off from my heart.

then one day, my english lecturer,had said something to the class.a story. until today i neva forget that story. it is about FAITH,EFFORT and CARMA.

he said,something like this,
"i graduate from overseas. back there, malay student that got that chance was lucky becoz the  spm syllabus is much harder from now.
we learn. you can say my friends and i,we have the same brightness. but each one of us also had those 'perangai setan'. usually,luse test, arini baru study.but it's ok coz we brilliant.(~~,)

 then,in our group there is a  boy. he is very2 hardworking. usually he's the source for notes and already-finished-assignment that we need.

 sometimes,we dont have to ask.he;ll just say,'korg da study lom?aku da siapkan nota.amek la.'.

 when in test or exam,usually we got higher marks that him.but,he just say,'bagos r.begune jugak nota y aku buat tu utk korg'. 

no hard feeling.no tanduk2 rase cemburu.none.

and you know what ,now he become the most succesful one among us.he's now a doctor. and i'm only a english lecturer in this mtrx.

 he got rm20 000 per month and i got rm10 000. why? because the effort he had done is much more than his lazy friends.

i just one to tell you my fellow students,living is hard.but,at the end of the day, it is the token we get is much more valuable.

contoh, you are much brighter than him but he;s much hardworking than u.he has the determination.but you?

jgn expect you duduk diam2 goyang kaki then esok dlm poket da ade rm10. no way. you need to work hard for that rm10. ok. 

understand enuf? k. dissmiss.i have to go."

and after that i understand why others get better life than me.


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muhammad said...

aq duduk golek2.. sambil golek2 nampak rm10 kat lantai... 2 namanya lucky :P

liyana nabila said...

sue: skeaping nmpak cm intelektual sket.,mwahahahaha

muhammad:itu lucky. hehe.,

Cikgu Fikri said...

ko n i dh cm bdk cos TESL kt mktb aq...
main skeaping2....
i follow ur blog...
follow me back!!!...arahan!!!