Thursday, November 25, 2010

insecure. do you?

pnah rase insecure tak terhadap diri sendiri? most people having thAT situation because lack of confidence.
a lot of people doesnt know their level of insecure individually is quite high.

it can be in many situation k. towards friends, co workers, ur loved ones, even with your own siblings.

the biggest cause is the need for validation from someone else. example like, you need a praise from someone else for today.maybe about your dress.or about your cooking. 

but,listen here. no one can ever validate you. only you can validate you.

we are just human being. always making mistakes ryte? that's what we do to grow up. takkan nak sentiasa betul kan?

lets take an easy example.

at certain level of your life you might be choosing the wrong person for yourself. so, you are that kind of person who like attention, takkan la nk carik org yang completely involves in their own lives with very little time for you. and vice versa. be honest k terhadap feeling sendiri. baru bole dapat buat decision yang support your needs and wants.

most of us didnt escape from their own early teen years that's full with unattractive feeling and some form of embarasment.

but now, try makes a change. or a lot of changes. slow2 pon tak ape., step by step.

insecurity comes from not valuing yourself. then nak someone else to value you. when they dont response,you crash. then all those low self esteem come back.

cube igt balik all the good qualities yang pernah ada.
What are some of your good qualities? The things your mom praises about you, the things your best friend notices and points out.
If you've forgotten what those qualities are ? ask a friend, family member, or gf/bf. Choose someone you trust.

Then work on the physical part. What is it you really need to change?

Do you want to lose 6 kg? Then start an exercise program and learn to eat properly.

 Do you want to tone your muscles? Get an exercise video or hire a trainer. 

Do you want to dress differently?get a hip friend to take you shopping.

Start with one thing that will allow you to feel better about yourself. Something easy. Something achievable.

then,dekatkan diri padaNYA., insyaAllah.,Doa semuanya dipermudahkan.

u can choose to be loving. You can choose to think filled with  thoughts. or choose to be the source of inspiration and joy to others.

your life. your choice.

but, bagi aku, if da rase selesa terhadap diri sendiri,itu sudah memadai., it means u have nothing to worry.,
cukup self confidence sudaaa.,(^_^)


~emi~ said...

eeei..tetibe ak terasa geli menengok gambar b'peluk ngan manusia tulisan kat atas tu..huhu

liyana nabilah said...

hahaha.,ade rase cm pnuh kasih syg tak? ngeh3