Tuesday, November 30, 2010

dah dapat!!

aku dah dapat keputusan spa itu (^_^)
dan aku,
tak dapat.

Monday, November 29, 2010

bau hangit tak?

hangit. panas. sebab aku yang tgh panas.

aku balik bilik pas exam agama y soalan ala2 jawab tanak jawab dgn harapan jawapan dari SPA sudda kua okeh. but,waddeheck??!!

dlm surat interview kate arini., haish., tolongla faaaaaaaaham.,
aku nak taw awal senang nanti aku nk bawak balik brg ni sme balik uma ke tak.

dapat,cakap la dapat.,
tak dapat,ckp la tak.
sgt lambat taw tak. haih!!!!

2 papers today.

+pengajian islam.

cepatla habes.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

insecure. do you?

pnah rase insecure tak terhadap diri sendiri? most people having thAT situation because lack of confidence.
a lot of people doesnt know their level of insecure individually is quite high.

it can be in many situation k. towards friends, co workers, ur loved ones, even with your own siblings.

the biggest cause is the need for validation from someone else. example like, you need a praise from someone else for today.maybe about your dress.or about your cooking. 

but,listen here. no one can ever validate you. only you can validate you.

we are just human being. always making mistakes ryte? that's what we do to grow up. takkan nak sentiasa betul kan?

lets take an easy example.

at certain level of your life you might be choosing the wrong person for yourself. so, you are that kind of person who like attention, takkan la nk carik org yang completely involves in their own lives with very little time for you. and vice versa. be honest k terhadap feeling sendiri. baru bole dapat buat decision yang support your needs and wants.

most of us didnt escape from their own early teen years that's full with unattractive feeling and some form of embarasment.

but now, try makes a change. or a lot of changes. slow2 pon tak ape., step by step.

insecurity comes from not valuing yourself. then nak someone else to value you. when they dont response,you crash. then all those low self esteem come back.

cube igt balik all the good qualities yang pernah ada.
What are some of your good qualities? The things your mom praises about you, the things your best friend notices and points out.
If you've forgotten what those qualities are ? ask a friend, family member, or gf/bf. Choose someone you trust.

Then work on the physical part. What is it you really need to change?

Do you want to lose 6 kg? Then start an exercise program and learn to eat properly.

 Do you want to tone your muscles? Get an exercise video or hire a trainer. 

Do you want to dress differently?get a hip friend to take you shopping.

Start with one thing that will allow you to feel better about yourself. Something easy. Something achievable.

then,dekatkan diri padaNYA., insyaAllah.,Doa semuanya dipermudahkan.

u can choose to be loving. You can choose to think filled with  thoughts. or choose to be the source of inspiration and joy to others.

your life. your choice.

but, bagi aku, if da rase selesa terhadap diri sendiri,itu sudah memadai., it means u have nothing to worry.,
cukup self confidence sudaaa.,(^_^)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

blog berjalan? erkkk.

kalau le ade anak gajah kecik ceni,aku yakin, ramai y g berlari2 mendapatkannya then uat photoshoot ceni. 
dulu, mule2 aku dengar the word 'blogwalking' aku mcm blur. apakah itu?
dalam kepala---> blog berjalan??

hahahaha.,*mengong yana.

rupenye g dok tinjau2 blog org ye.

i realise the first time i'm doing those blogwalking was about four years ago. mase tu aku sendiri taktaw y blog wujud. jumpe pon kebetulan jek sb mase tu aku nk carik information pasal upnm. then there's a link showing to the name 'hanan,budk upnm'.
aku klik.
and there's all that happen.
since that aku suke bace blog die. klaka. or maybe sebbab i'm still new to it so that's the only blog i know.
so lame yana.huh.

that blog slalu cter pasal die n her bezfren,lina. and i bet lina is currently in USA now sbb last aku bace blog die lina da fly g sane. i mean both of them are awesome. they were brilliant. still brilliant until today. i know.i'm sure.
but then, die da padam blog die since lina fly. ir maybe she just changed that link. until today i still wanna know what happen to both of them.

i love blogwalking. but i can see the different between those who are really wanna blog or just happy getting the satisfaction that people know your private-ish.
or maybe there are certain person that seems enjoyed making money by blogging. tak salah. bagi aku bende tu sgt bijak they are using every opportunity they have and searching every single alternative to get more money. sangat2 tak mensia2kan bakat terpendam kan.

i'm not intend nk merendah2kan orang lain k. but there is a LOT of difference between those y write deep from their heart and not just copy paste from others or kene bace blog orang lain dlu baru dapat idea nk tulis ape.
*pe?kau terase ke?

aku pnah terbace satu blog dulu. a man.  he was in love with a girl.
*again.aku lupe link blog die.bile aku carik balik da tak jumpe.

he's doing foundation.bakal fly. or da fly da pon skrg.
he's in love with that gurl.for six years. starting from hiskool. since 14 y/o maybe.
the way he express the feeling to his gurl was smooth,gentle,deep., sangat puitis. he's totally in love u  know.

i love to read how he managed his time properly. nak study physics lagi, ade calculus 1&2, study gitar lagi-he's planning giving his loved one a song.
then, how smart he is doing report. layan awek lagi. y aku taw awek die amek nursing kot.

every single post there must be her name. how i wish i cud be that gurl. haha
but then, something happen. tak lame before lelaki tu nk fly, that gurl mintak putus. aku y bace aku plak y sedih doe.
gile frust menonggeng ah llki tuh. siyes. care die tulis blog die.every sentence that he wrote just asking why she left him.

hey you,gurl..
if you know the existence of that blog, yeah the blog your boyfie wrote, i'm sure u would never left him. he's madly in love with you.. sgt ikhlas. 6 years die pertahankan kau. die cume mintak kau tunggu 4 tahun kot. itupun sbb die nk fly g US nk study. but,malangnya, kau tak tahu kan. shame you.

but no worry, he's getting better. hope so. yela. orang bijak.

then, bout a lawyer-wanna-be. hensem doe. haha
neway, da berpunye. mencik.
dari  cara die menulis aku taw dia smart.
the way he think. his thought. his opinion. only a few about his girl. but i know how much he loves that girl.
sbb blog awek die pon aku bace.haha*gile stalker kau yana'
what? both of them bijak. i just love to see ape life budak bakal lawyer. ngeh3.,

and aku respect ade certain blogger y sanggup korban mas layan followers, cari pelbagai tips kecantikan, tip kurus, tips study n yada yada yada  all that things.
memang berbakat ah. nk bahagi mase2 en carik information. ke mmg full time job korang as a blogger weh?

sok nanti anak da besar, skola, cikgu tanye,,

 adam lambert, daddy you keje ape ye?
ouh,daddy saye keje blogger,madam. this week daddy saye da pon janji nk blikan saya ferrari kaler itam pas dapat cek dari nuffnang.

Monday, November 22, 2010

fallin in love.. again.

starting few days lately, bgn pagi konpem internet dlu y dicari. and while clicking randomly here and there, i'd found a page. it fulls of cool-awesome-beauty-classic picture.

i'm fallin in love again.
.with him
ai ai ai ai ai ai.,.,melting.....melting.,,,,, (~~,)


Sunday, November 21, 2010

like a liar.

if you choose to live alone, no cliche, no story, no chapter of others, no walking down the road and someone will smile at you back, is that a guarantee for a happiness?


but,actually, we do live alone. live by our own. no one know who are we actually.

ironic isn't it?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

i'm not ready yet.

tajuk sahaja sudah membuat seribu pertanyaan bukan? bout what?
 sori. only my heart know., :)

i'm not ready yet.
final exam next week.
fes paper s.e.
hari khamis..
sabar dear.aku pon tak sabar nk menghabiskan waktu ari khamis itu supaya tenang di kemudian hari.

i'm not ready yet.
dear Allah,give me strength. to move on.
rasenye aku tak mampu lagi nk hadapi dugaan y pernah Kau bg dulu.,
but,if ade lg.,sent someone to be my strength pliz.,
boleh kan kite doa supaya semuanya dipermudahkan?

i'm not ready yet.
to tell you everything that ever happen to me.
it's not like i don't trust u.
it's becoz i care.i'm afraid it happen again.
this heart still struggling to live.
may Allah make it easy for us to move on.

hARRY potter is awessoommee,dude!!
skyline not bad oso maaa :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

whEn FriEnds Starts To move On buT tHeiR hEart StilL on Us.

pagi2, bangun celik mate jek bukak mukebuku. bukan buku. *ala,jap lg la buku tuh*

then ade notification dari ash.then,click2.

 Zura Yusoff, Nur Faziera, Liyana Nabilah Rahim And Aisyah. such a BESTFRIENDS ever! korang la terbaik dalam mase tak sampai setahun kepala kite2 ni macam kembar siam. sayang gile korang smp aisyah buat blog. touching sungguh! :)


*name nad mane ash?haha

really???! omaigod.omaigod.
cpat2 g blog aisyah. yeah.she was writing bout us. coz she miz the memories. the ukhwah. the love. the joke. the tears. i miz u too dear.,*tacing sgt nih,cah.,isk.,isk.,*

memang aku takkan lupe kenangan di kolej matrikulasi pahang bersama anda semua,sahabat. :-)

muke aku nmpak kesian kan? macam saket+kene pakse amek gmbr.haha

reading her blog makes me feel wanna do some more lah., hehe
i've never find a friend that really2 stick to the head,heart n mind like yuollss:)

so,may i?

she is the good-silent type mase aku mule2 nmpak dye. sgt ayu.(*ni tipu nad.*)
sgt snyap. n aku pon tataw cane aku ble  kamceng sesangat ngan dye nih.
aku ckp ape pon die gelak jek.,adakah kerane tgk aku gelak? or die tak paham aku ckp ape? ntah. aku pon tak fhm.,haha., tp dye memang baek.

tak reti nak marah org sgt.
(btw,aku baru pasan geng Black Hawk mmg lg ramai y tak reti nk marah org kan? kan?)

slalu tdo skatil ngan die.dok tgk muvee, g bilik ash buat muke toye nk pnjam notebook sbb nak online fb punye pasal.sori ash.haha

she's great in maths. aku kalo tnye die math mmg bengang ah.sbb,

yana:nad,ni ceni ni.,aku tak dpt~~(integration n differentation of sin cos tan tu mmg aku nyampah)
nad; ala,yana.,ni pon aku tataw la.
(okeh.time ni die da capai pensel mekanikal ngan buku aku da stat tekan2 kalkulator pung-pang-pung-pang tggu die membebel die pon x dpt jwb,then..)

nad: yana,nah.siap.
yana: erk. td kate tataw nad?
nad: (gelak2) tu td.,hehe.,da. p cek jwpn. aku nk men fb nih.
yana: ala.ok2.

jwpn tu betul.
muke saye kelihatan sgt gedik+gatal berbanding nad di gmbar ini ye.

kelebihan: die ni time bwat math pon kite bole bergosip mengumpat ngan dy taw. hebat en?
bese la.,abang  nad lecturer kat matriks tuh.,haha

lupe nk mention,die skrg da makin cantik. sape nk no die mintak kat aku ok? haha

by the way, i miz u nad.,aku syg kau. even kau jauh kat um amek seni bina aku ttp syg kau.*okeh.itu takde kene mengene en.aku taw.

muke aku nmpak len en? oh.tgn baju unggu tu zura:) kami slalu duduk sebaris.nanti nangis kalau berpisah. siap men cop2 tmpat. haha

this girl. she's a chaos. haha u wud never expect what she wud do n willing to do. but, she's great in everything she did and do.
ape y aku igt pasal kau ash:
-anak mami.*aku taw kau bukan ok.hehe
-anak manje.
-setiausaha PRD.
-photographer matriks.
-hawwwttt! la sgt.
-x rated.18 taun ke atas. haha.*korang jgn pk len.ni ade byk makne okeh.*
-hannan. haha
-slalu fly dr mtrks dgn care nyorok near seat kereta sbb nk balik kl. y tak boleh tahan,abah die pon bersekongkol menjayakan rancangan tuh. *sayaang anaak abah:)
-mey .aku doakan korg ke anak cucu. :)
ntah sape ntah posing maut tuh. aku tak kenal.

ash sgt baik hati. ko nk pinjam ape pon ngan die pinjam ah. *y mane logik dipinjam okeh.
JAGE BARANG DIE Y KAU PINJAM TUH. kalo tak bole bergegar mane2 bilik y die masuk men'damn'kan org tersebut. haha

aku mule2 nmpak kau time fes class dlu aku da bajet kau msti budak kl. btol kan? hehe *kau jgn nk pangkah ckp aku ash.bace je.*

name sedap. asma. panggil ash. tapi takpe. aku suke.sedap. takkan nk panggil, 'mahhhhhhhhh! oooo mah!!!'
tak sedap kan bunyiknye?

ash ni pandai.*well,besela.kate Black Hawk maaa*
 tp die ske tak memandaikan diri die.,kalo time rajin,mmg tip top. time die malas, hebat tol die        ngelat..haha.,

but,ash. u r still the best making the picture looks great. fotogenik kah anda? dah. jgn pasan.

uitm bez tak? 

love you.nanti kite buat reunion taw. k.l-bp dkat je en? en?

zura ni comel.*aku tipu je weh*
sgt comel taw die.kiut. aku menang ketinggian ngan die ni jela.,haha.,

sbb dlm ramai kitorg azie y paling tggi kalau tak silap aku. diikuti ash ngan nad, aisyah,me then zura.,hehe
kitorang slalu belakon babak luahan hati dan peraasan dlm bilik aku the pastu gelak mcm org gile.
*ko paham kan zura?wink wink.
n aku suke g bilik die cari buku makanan. sbb bilik die mmg byk buku makanan. haha

zura slalu tade dlm gmbr black hawk sbb die suke pegi date ngan sopi. nape la tak tepikir dlu nk begambar bawak jela sopi skalik.
bole join ariz jd photographer tak bertauliah.

dia adalah master kami dalam bidang kimia. die punye care study sempoi gile. dgn rambut masih basah baru kua dr bathroom die bole amek buku study atas katil je review sket2 pastu tdo-tgk muvee-mkn. *ini ape y aku nmpk la.
sempoi kan?

ni anak mama ainul ni. terkenal tul dlm kuliah die ngan sopi.,haha

itu izni.y tgh. die smpat sebulan je ngan kite en.pastu kua masuk maktab. :)

die ni kimia walaupon hebat tp kadang2 aku tak paham ape y die cube ajarkan. *ala,besela.,budak pandai mmg tak reti ajar org.bak kate cikgu ainul.hehe. ini fakta ok. sbb level otak diorg lain.so,diorg faham dgn care lain.

kat usm jage diri elok2 k. sains kimia adalah hardcore..
*eh,sains kimia ke ek?
blaja leklok.ade pape roger aku okeh sayang. aku sayang kau.
jgn panggil aku dayang. :)

aisyah. a.k.a ecah.
aisyah budak rajin. dia sgt suka ke kelas. kalau bab tutorial dia lah yang selalu siap di antara kami semua. jadi, tidak hairanlah dia sedang berjuang menjadi seorang guru sekarang. kalau tidak silap sayalah kawan-kawan, dia bakal guru teknikal. betulkah ini aisyah?
kiri muke engineer,kanan muke cikgu. terbaek ahh. (^_^)

aisyah juga sangat baik. dia jarang marah saya dan juga rakan lain. kalau ada pun dia cuma senyap dan diam seribu bahasa. tapi tidak tahulah jika dia ada meluahkan perasaan di tempat lain.

tapi,air yang tenang jgn di sangka tiada buaya. nampak sahaja senyap seperti tidak tahu apa2. setelah diberi didikan yang cemerlang oleh azie dan ash terhadap beberapa perkara dia sudah pandai terhadap perkara tersebut. perkara apa? lu pikir lah sendiri.

dia selalu kata saya patut menjadi ahli psikologi kerana saya pandai membuat orang nangis padahal tidak perlu pon. biasalah.saya memang hebat pasal itu, kata-kata saya pasti menikam kalbu siapa y di psikokan.
tunggu buat master nanti sajalh ye aisyah baru sya ambil bidang itu. sekarang belum ada rezeki.
lakonan semata2 (-,-')

saya amat merindui kamu aisyah. post ini juga terhasil rentetan membaca blog kamu pasal saya dan black hawk. saya sayang kamu aisyah. harap ukhwah antara kita sentisa terjalin.
jaga diri di utm.pasir gudang ngan bp dekat tak ek?

*macam mana cikgu ecah? karangan aku boleh dapat A tak?

azie.,aku sayang kau., jgn pernah lupakan persahabatan kite ok.,
kalo ko bace post ni aku nk mintak maaf if ade things y uat ko tak puas ati kat aku.

yelah aku lg comel dari kau kan? msti kau tak puas ati kan? haha
yela2,bab ketinggian aku tahu aku kalah.hoh.(-,-')

azie pandai gak,. dia cepat tangkap ape y die blaja. die blaja ala kadar pon pointer tetap mantain lg tggi dr aku.

she's the one y byk ajar aku pasal life. pasal dugaan. pasal lelaki.hehe

she's very2 protective person. if ada antara kami y dilukai,*eceh,ayat*
die carik org y uat kitorg sedeyh tu then berdoalah mereka hidup lagik.,haha.,
see? tahap die syg kitorg smpai centu skali.
aritu die dtg bp jumpe aku., aduss.,rindu sgt kat kau azie.,

nnti aku dtg mlake jmpe kau polak ok., tak pon kite jumpe 6 org skali gus nnti. ritu pon ecah da majok entak2 kaki da kite tak g jumpe die.,sabar ye sayangs sekalian.,haha
ash.azie.mentang2 tggi en.ley posing maut.siap ade bunge2 lagik.. ,mencik.

elok2 tau azie kat utem tu.,
ko amek electrical engine kan?
aku taw ko bole buat.,insyaallah bole dean list kalo takat otak ko tu je., :)

ha,die ni aku tataw sejak bile masuk black hawk. ecah da tulis aku pon tulis jelah.,haha
ariz pon baik.,sgt baik., dua2 sem dia 4 flat., pheh,. padahal ni la muke tetibe uat prangai jarang dtg klas ngan kuliah pg sbb bgn lmbat. alasan:study.
tapi yana mmg respect ariz la.,hehe., kang ckp 'aku kau' kang majok.,haha.,
thanx ariz sbb byk tolong yana dlu.
see?ariz berdiri sebelah ai. ai tahu yu syg ai lebih,ariz.

jage diri di upm. jgn eboh carik awek.anda bakal dokter da.hehe

kemsalam mak eh? <---igt tak? igt tak? haha., simpan taw rahsia tu., (^_^)

ni sape ntah. aku tak knal.,ngeh3489x

nk tulis ke tak?
tayah la.,kang banyak cite 'masuk bakul angkat sendiri kuasa dua' .


do you all know how hard nk carik kwn macam korg lagik? susah taw tak? kite tak pnah nk ngumpat-tego-marah masing2 sbb faham kite sape sbnrnye. and you all respect that.
*ke korg ade ngumpat aku n aku tataw nih?
tape.,tak kesah.sebab aku da syg korg.

may Allah bless you all.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

wHen OthErS aRe BEtteR thAn YOU.

do you ever feel envy of others? just because he/she get better education than you?better friends than you.better life than you. better chances than you. pernah tak? tak pernah? tipu. sgt penipu. sebab kau pon manusia macam aku la.

long ago,i used to be like that., always wondering why she got better bicycle than me. great marks in exam and not me. and why my calamity that Allah had befalled were much tough,difficult,harder than others. am i too strong to face all that? am i too bad so i get ballast like that? or maybe that's the way that had been written for me? why others had better life than me? 

day by day,for me learning to live well is hard. those bad memories still gripping my heart. i cant go back. i cant have my old life back even though it is not my fault, why me?

for a long time i blame others.i blamed them. i blamed her. i blamed him. 

then, i just realize,it made no difference. the world still move on. people still live well while others are dying and suffering continously. 

every sun that sets beautifully,i leArn new things. a lot of things. a lot. 

i learn that the calamity that Allah had befalled for me was for my own goodness. it is hard and harder because to train me become much more stronger than others. so i wont be able to do the same mistake again. i'll be more precise and careful in life.coz i have no dad anymore to protect me from any harm. so i can stand alone by my own.

moving one step ahead in my life, i got in a college. phg matriculation college. i know i wont repeat the same mistakes. but again, i'd done one. different one. again. it is hard. alhamdulillah,i can get through it. i let it go. until today i have no regret. i dont know why i did'nt feel sad.
 thanks to HIM, HE sheer u off from my heart.

then one day, my english lecturer,had said something to the class.a story. until today i neva forget that story. it is about FAITH,EFFORT and CARMA.

he said,something like this,
"i graduate from overseas. back there, malay student that got that chance was lucky becoz the  spm syllabus is much harder from now.
we learn. you can say my friends and i,we have the same brightness. but each one of us also had those 'perangai setan'. usually,luse test, arini baru study.but it's ok coz we brilliant.(~~,)

 then,in our group there is a  boy. he is very2 hardworking. usually he's the source for notes and already-finished-assignment that we need.

 sometimes,we dont have to ask.he;ll just say,'korg da study lom?aku da siapkan nota.amek la.'.

 when in test or exam,usually we got higher marks that him.but,he just say,'bagos r.begune jugak nota y aku buat tu utk korg'. 

no hard feeling.no tanduk2 rase cemburu.none.

and you know what ,now he become the most succesful one among us.he's now a doctor. and i'm only a english lecturer in this mtrx.

 he got rm20 000 per month and i got rm10 000. why? because the effort he had done is much more than his lazy friends.

i just one to tell you my fellow students,living is hard.but,at the end of the day, it is the token we get is much more valuable.

contoh, you are much brighter than him but he;s much hardworking than u.he has the determination.but you?

jgn expect you duduk diam2 goyang kaki then esok dlm poket da ade rm10. no way. you need to work hard for that rm10. ok. 

understand enuf? k. dissmiss.i have to go."

and after that i understand why others get better life than me.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

mood: suppose to be studi'ing right now.

i'm not really intrigued to write anything right now. coz it suppose to be study+serious moment with boring face that eager to jump outside the window and having a big great blass joyously at mall right now.

and when i open my eyes it just only a dream. no riang ria poya2 until final is done. i mean, still you can go out right now but the fears of still study nothing wud love to haunt u while u'r walking for window shopping.
then, balik bilik baru tahu y oh-my-god-aku-blum-study-bab-ni-oh-kejap-lagilah-tido-dulu.

lots of things happen lately. the great one, when my lovey dovey loyal sweet phone was stolen. yeah. stoled by someone.
gini cte nye., slase lepas,balik uma kat kulai.rabu mak ajak kua g ioi. okeh time ni mood:hepi.
then adik aku y kecik tuh,ajak dok p men game.

men drum ngan ayong. seronok siyot drum a.k.a macam drum cine tu. lebam tgn nk pegang stick n ketuk drum tu kuat2. law tak smpat follow ayong y ketukkan,. haha
then ade macik sorg tu tgk je aku men.*eleh macik,nk men kan.tu y jeling2 saye tuh.hoh
game ni ah.bez doe.(^__^)

pastu men kete ngan iwan. pheh.,dye plak y terer maen. baek je dye buat lap belok kiri kanan.tu baru 7 taun tuh.di ulang,7 taun. aku y ade lesen kete ni pon time selekoh je eksiden.selekoh je eksiden.
ni adik aku terer nih.

aku letak la henpon tu dpan mate.so, dgn harapn bile aku blah t aku igt la nak amek sbb da ade depan mate.
tapi malang.aku lupe nk amek. trus g tgk mak aku karaoke kat box. kejap je kot. aku sedar,pusing balik tgk fon da tade. ye salah sndiri gak. lupe. aku pon pk nape la bangang sangat time tu tak letak dlm poket je fon tu. *time ni rase da kebodohan diri sndiri pon bole tahan gak.*

sgt sedey time ni.sgt sedey. sgt2 sedey. fon tu setia ngan aku. aku tercmpak dye mcm mane skali pon ttp dye nk berbakti ngan aku. tiap mlm dok teman aku tdo. teman aku gayut. teman aku pegi jalan2. teman aku law sorg2.teman aku online sejam 2 hengget.
see? do you realize how valuable your hp are?
hp ni ah. love you dear~~ ai doakn you bahagia ngan pemilik haram baru k.

tape ah.redha.
.okeh.sedey lagik.
then bli hp baru y rege tak smpai serat tu pon.janji ade.,uhuk.,uhuk.,
ai janji ai jage yu baek2 k.insyaAllah taun dpan yu dpt adik baru lagi canggih ok.

oh ya. saya di perwira sekarang. pulang kembali kerana mahu study la sgt~~~
duduk di rumah sudah tentu tak dpt study.it's better here even sorg2 jek, time malam jek tdo ngan jiran sebelah.penakut. haha

p/s-- tape encik robert pattinson mlm2 bole teman kan? ihik ihik

p/s2: aku saspek budak llki  kecik lebey kurg umo 5 taon tu y amek fon aku. dye ade je dok men kete smbil tgk aku. tp tade token. jeles ah tu tgk aku men game kete smbil token byk lagik dlm poket.hoh