Sunday, October 24, 2010

the right One(",)

having a person in your life n knowing he/she is the right one to accompany you for your big bad journey to move on is good. i mean very good.

the right one is very subjective. not only limited to the one you love,bf or gf, but for me, the right one to be your friends. the good friends,the foes.the listener, the adviser, the joker, and also the one who always giving you shit n making you cry alone at 4 am in the morning.
seeing people like them making you feel stronger and wiser.
in every aspects of our life there will be the dark side and also the happy side.

moving on through the dark side is hard.very hard. coz it hurt so much. it does hurt continuously.
then,The Talker came. The Listener came. The Adviser came. all of them came.
They are the real calmer. the real guidance that Allah sent sent to make the calamity befalled for you seems less hard to bear alone.
they talk.they hug you.they wipe your tears. they give you harsh advice but at the end they will cry with you and giving you the love which is the most sincere love that you ever feel before.
see how beautiful Allah had make the story goes?

but,the story would be different if we never know them.
we never smile to them.
we never ask their name and start the conversation first when they are the freshie and still alone. much different.
that is why Allah sent all of them before to give us the problem.the calamity.

then,the happy side came.
the sunshine smile brightly with no hesitation.
and we will say,
"tomorrow will be more happiness than today'.

the sweetness of having the right one in our life is totally full of awesomeness.

thanx friends. thanx to you.
and not forget to you too:)

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