Thursday, April 12, 2018


lamanya tak menjenguk baby blog yang dah berusia 8 tahun ni.
sungguh. 8 tahun dah berlalu. macam-macam dah berlaku.
Banyak sangat benda dah jadi since last menulis kat sini. Tapi rasanya baik simpan dalam hati.

nanti dah ready baru luahkan di sini :P

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Wow nampak la habuk-habuk sikit. haha

It's already December.
Takut betul kadang-kadang tengok masa berlalu cepat macam ni.
And suddenly you are 27 next year. :')

Alhamdulillah 2017 is a slow and steady year for me.
Early 2017, ada few goals yang aku nak capai.
-Bawak family bercuti.
-Aku yang pergi bercuti.
-Kerja and ensure orang nampak hardwork aku so my superior won't hesitate nak bagi increment ke bonus ke lol
-Cari jodoh . eh
- lose some weight. omg ni selalu kandas. I can't help myself. I blame all those food yang sedap and yang tukang bawak mkn .

I managed to bring the whole family dtg KL and naik Genting. YEAY !
it sounds lame but I know dah lama my whole family tak ada percutian yang everyone of the family member is there and it's complete.

Then plan lagi pergi Tioman . It was super fun when pergi dgn orang2 yang kita sayang. And I must say tgk my mom jalan tepi pantai berpegangan tangan with my stepdad is life goals. haha

Lepak main Uno tepi pantai dgn siblings also is the best. Masing-masing jiwa remaja lagi uolss and masa ni kau rasa muda gila sebab they were like baru 14y/o , 16, and 21. only apek tak ada sbb kerja as MA mmg leceh nk apply cuti.

After that around September I went to Boracay with Nad :P
Kerja gila sbb we bought the ticket 2 miggu sebelum pergi and plan everythinh within that time.
The view was amazing and the experience was spectacular.
One of my bucket list : checked off !:D

For my job, alhamdulillah it is fine. I am satisfied with my experience and salary now. I remembered when I started working circa 2014, my net salary was only like 1.5++. And the entitlement was for Software Engineer. A lot of my friends said to me that the salary was too low but I can't help it. I know I need it ; and I need to stay for at least three years to make my resume looks good so I can apply for another better jobs in terms of career movement.
Of course I did get increment while working there. I decided to leave my previous employer as I know I need more. I wanted to try something else. And here I am almost tripling the pay from my first salary 3 years ago - which is nice for the moment.

I always remind myself kadang mungkin rezeki kita okay, kadang ujian tu sampai rezeki mungkin belum sampai. I just want to prepare myself with much better savings as we'll never know apa akan jadi in the future.
A lot of things can happen ; so let's just be grateful for what we have now and prepare well for the future.
and you know what, I do know I still have the lowest pay on my team of twelve ; sometimes i do feel like as malaysian kita ni plak rasa inferior dgn foreigners. but to think it back, i do understand living as expatriate , stary dar away from your family and different country is a hard things to do. Also I dont know why it is really hard to get resources like them in Malaysia. xpelah it is a win win situation I guess for everyone.

I am still thinking nak pergi big bad wolf ke x hari ni.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Utilizing time

I love having time for myself.
But sometimes I wish I know how to utilize it more.
I miss writing in here.
I really do.
But sometimes you are just too lazy to turn on your laptop like you used to. lol

Now I remember why I got my blog updated before during my studies, it was because I have a lot of time spent on something that I should filling it with studying and learning coding. heh

If I do really studying hard and smart before, I bet I won't be here today. I bet I would be better at achieving goals. Apparently that is not the case now. lol

My boss asked to see me yesterday. I thought I'm gonna get bad news but alhamdulillah it was something that I have been waiting for the past few months. I do wondered once in a while, who has been praying for me as obviously kadang rasa macam ya Allah besarnya kekuasaan mu I didnt even do all the things you want but you still let me have it. It must be my mom whos been praying for me. It must be her. I miss you, mom.

It's already 20 past 12. I should get going. Night!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

tipulah kalau aku tak terusik hati ni. Tak terasa.
Tapi mungkin Dia tahu apa yang lagi baik. Sungguh mungkin kita tak kan pernah tahu apa yang terbaik. Tapi percaya sudah cukup. Cukup buat kau rasa , 'Tak apa. syukur. Allah ada'.

Monday, March 13, 2017


wow it's been a while since i wrote down here. 6 months i guess? or less.
frankly i just lost the passion to write in here anymore. but today? yeah I do manage to open it again :P

a lot of things happened for the past 5-6 months.

-it's a new year now.
- I have a new job.
-I have a new place.
-new colleagues
-new environment.
-new salary lol

I do believe  I am doing well now. I am happy for what I am currently. I do hope I can maintain it.
There's a bunch of targets that haven't been done yet. I should start them now. Like literally now.

I realize I am not really good on keeping an awesome track when it comes to that. I just feel mehhhhh~~
I wanna be me. Myself. If I do not feel happy when involving myself with unpleasant feeling, I should stop. It is either I am not ready, or I haven't found someone who could treat other people as they want to be treated.

It's Monday andddd it's my off day !! :D

I can say I love my new job. Because I don't have to meet client haha . Previous experience in career really help me a lot on achieving on what I have today, but to stay in that kind of field, I prefer what I am doing now. No, I am not sure where this path of field could lead me, but I know I have set a target to myself when I should level up and where I should go to achieve my next goal.

Working in an environment where you are the minority of your people , it had widen my view.The way they work, damn~~ their level of competency is marvelous. You know you can hand off your cases to the next guy and they will treat it like it is their own shit man. They know their shit.

And another thing is, they do less gossiping about other people. When they talk , it is either about how to improve their job or about their family. If you are not doing really well, they gonna talk about it on your face. It's not to deteriorate you, but to tell you what you can do to enhance yourself. The way they work, if you made a mistake, even if it is a huge mistake-like causing a site down and affect other 35 hospitals- let them know. So they can cover you up. It's that level of competency.

They rate you base on the data,the facts. The transparency of every action is high. If you are not good in it, you are not good. But they are not gonna be quiet about it. They gonna talk about it, but you gonna learn it.

But one thing I don't like it here , as usual, there would be a gap within the one who have work for quite a long time, and the one that just had been started working. They have their own clique man. But that's normal I guess. And sometimes I wish I can learn Pinoy so I could understand what are the most of them talking about :').eah

Yeah, half of my team is Pinoy;the kind that earn more from me lol, half of them is Indian/Chinese. and Malay was like 3 people apart from 60.
Great experience. But I really don't know until when. May Allah always show me his kindness by helping me get through everything.